We develop contemporary building technologies in service to our customets – investors and construction companies, in order to facilitate construction of modern and high-quality buildings with communication connections and automated, last generation management.

We work in cooperation with all key participants in building construction in order to achieve the most effective solutions according to architectural concepts and functional characteristics.

We add value which provides high price in selling the estate, additional facilities and financial gain for potential owners.

Basic principles in our activities are:

Customer oriented

Cabita’s activity is entirely oriented to every customer’s needs and specific requirements.

Our company has experience in deployment of systems and implementation of technologies in parallel with the construction of new buildings; no need of interruption of production cycle for the industry; normal operation and client attendance for public or financial services secure against interruption.

Positive result achievement at every stage is expressed in real business gain for every customer.

Complex approach and flexibility

Cabita offers complex approach and flexibility in implementation of specialized intelligent systems and building automation. It includes design and documentation, supply of components, deployment, certification, maintenance and modernization.

The complex approach enables the achievement of precise system integration, high reliability in exploitation and optimization of implementation expense.

It reduces to minimum the risks for successful realization of the projects by observing technical requirements and deadlines for implementation and at the same time synchronizes deliveries and deployment of technical equipment for all systems.

Steady development

In its strive for constant heightening of efficiency and quality of work, Cabita:

  • Ceaselessly invests in raising the professional level of its specialists
  • Researches and analyzes customers’ needs in different fields
  • Develops and implements new directions in its activities
  • Develops and applies new technological solutions
  • Maintains successful partner relations with lead world manufacturers of contemporary technologies, products and solutions

Professional Team

The people at Cabita are part of the know-how of the company. Cabita’s team is comprised of young and erudite people, with professional specialization in the main fields of activity of the company.

The organization ceaselessly invests in education, professional development and qualification of its employees. Suitable conditions for self preparation and self studying are provided through established technological laboratories with test settings and specialized literature.

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